Live Dealer Casinos In Michigan

Live dealer casinos are online casinos that connect you to live online dealers via computer, tablet, or mobile device. The game is streamed from a studio while the dealer interacts with physical cards, chips, roulette wheels, and more.

Live dealer casinos provide a nice blend of the atmosphere provided by brick-and-mortar casinos complete with online perks, so elements like bonuses and promotions are available to you.

You also don’t need a webcam as it’s only the dealer who needs to be streamed on video. You just need to be at an internet-connected device and you’re ready to play.

If you want to combine the feel of a casino with the safety and comfort of your own home, the live dealer option suits you perfectly.

Why Play Live Dealer Games?

Simply put, live dealer games have received rave reviews from players since their inception. They provide a fantastic blend of a casino-like atmosphere in the comfort of one’s home or favorite hotspot within legal boundaries.

To highlight the perks, and some pitfalls, to live dealer games, the next section will describe the pros and cons. The following sections outline what types of games live dealer casinos offer, their variations, providers, and legal access and the differences between live dealer and traditional online casinos will also be discussed.

Finally, we’ll tackle fairness in the games and how live dealer games are a safer bet than traditional online settings, and we’ll close with a discussion on which states offer live online games and which states expect to offer them in the future.

Pros And Cons of Live Dealer Games

Players flock toward live dealer games because it provides them a real casino experience while they sit on their couch or even by the pool in their backyard. Live chats provide an excellent social environment that allows you to connect with players in other parts of the state.

Live casino bonuses and promotions are also a reason to love live dealer gaming, and the gameplay is far more realistic than simple online rooms like what’s seen on software such as Poker Stars. These live dealer games are a sign of the future, and the software they provide updates at will.

Some downsides involve the issue of games loading slower than others and that dealers control the pace of the game, so if you’re the impatient type this will be an inconvenience.

The gaming selection isn’t there, either, so you won’t have as much of an array of options as you would in a traditional setting. Live dealer games also tend to have a limited selection.

Two more cons to consider are that the house edges seem to be higher in the live dealer setting than they are in traditional or even real money online casinos. Also, most live dealer games aren’t available 24/7; however, most casinos offer a wide window, so chances are your game will be available.

What Types Of Games Are Available?

Arguably the most important element for any live dealer casino is the games they offer. Mainly, table and card games make up the bulk of what’s offered, but the one downside is the number of games offered is usually limited.

Hold ’em, baccarat, blackjack, and roulette are the big four that most live dealer casinos offer.

Even though the selection of games is lower, live dealer casinos still offer much of what traditional casino goers look for. However, choices vary between different online casinos, so you might have to search to find the games you’re looking for.

As with any online offering, demand for such games will grow, and as they do, companies will offer more options to their players.

Most Popular Live Games Offered

Live roulette is arguably the easiest game to learn and its object is simple: On which number will the roulette ball land?

In live roulette, you’ll place your bet, then the live dealer spins the roulette wheel in a real-time livestream. It’s as if you’re standing across from them in a real casino.

Baccarat is another live dealer game gaining ground, but it pales compared to roulette, blackjack, and hold ’em. As such, the overall selection of baccarat games may be lower. As it gains popularity, look for it to become more of a staple as the other games.

The dealer is at a table, and as with the other table games, they’re using real cards with six to eight decks.

In live blackjack, you’ll be able to see each hand from the dealer in real-time. However, the pace of the game runs slower as the dealer must take the time to pass their cards to each player in the game, mimicking what’s done in a real casino.

The cool thing is even though you’re not standing beside them, you can use the live chat option to strike up a conversation as if you were, which in and of itself is neat. Once your turn rolls around, you’ll play the hand as if you were at the table in real life.

The major difference with live hold ’em is each player is playing against the dealer rather than against each other. The upside is the dealer’s hand is the only one you have to worry about, rather than multiple hands as seen in a traditional casino.

Just like in Texas Hold ‘Em, if your five-card hand beats the dealer’s you win.

Some lesser-known games that are offered on the live dealer casino scene are craps, sic bo, Deal or No Deal, Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em, Monopoly Live, Caribbean Stud, Dragon Tiger, Dream Catcher, and even live slots.

Even though the number of games is fewer, live dealer casinos are working diligently to come up with new games and add to their limited space so, in time, more games will become available.

The live dealer scene is still very new, as are traditional online casinos, so in time, you will see more states legalize online gambling which paves the way for live dealer casinos.

It’s more of a matter of when rather than if in many states, and by then, the states with legal online casinos will most definitely find ways to incorporate live dealer games, especially as they become more popular among gamblers.

Variations Of Live Dealer Games

In some games, you can customize a live dealer game to fit your preferences. Customizable features in these games include choosing a male or female dealer, which language you wish the game to be delivered in, or if you wish to partake in side bets, game variants, and features.

Your game variants allow you to choose games that put a spin on things. Take blackjack, for example. You can choose games like VIP, speed, free bet, bet behind, and other popular versions of blackjack.

The same goes for games like roulette, where you can choose variations like Double-Ball Roulette, American, European, or Lightning, to name a few.

As for features, you can choose whether you wish to partake in live chat or keep it turned off while you can adjust camera angles, sound, stream quality, and other related features.

This will fully customize your game to bring you exactly what you’re looking for and these options can be changed at your discretion.

As live dealer gaming grows, there are sure to be more features added, which will allow for further customization while maximizing your in-game experience.

Live Dealer Providers

It’s not sure whether Michigan online casinos will offer live dealer or not. If they do, developers like Evolution Gaming will play host to nearly all live casino games. There’s also the potential for NetEnt to enter the scene.

While each provider might look the same on the surface, there are elements they use that influence your gaming experience. Below is a list of just a few ways that show no two providers are the same and there is much more than meets the eye for such live dealer providers.

Variables to look at when choosing a live dealer provider include types of games and variants offered, the stakes, available features, available languages, side bets, casino setting, whether the provider is mobile-friendly, whether free games are available, and the quality of the stream.

These providers also work with multiple live dealer casinos, so even in this regard, there may be some differences. It’s important to keep in mind that the same live betting casino can also work with different providers, which adds to the variation.

Access To Legal Online Casinos

Most live dealer games can only be accessed through computers, iOS, and Android devices.

Of course, the graphics are downgraded on mobile devices for the interest of maintaining loading speeds. While you can use either the apps or mobile sites themselves, you will need to use a geofencing app that confirms your location to ensure you’re playing in states where live dealer casinos are legal.

You also need to take greater precautions when playing on a mobile device versus playing on a desktop or laptop. First off, make sure each connection you’re using is trustworthy, keep your device charged, and watch the levels of data you’re using. For best results, use WiFi connections instead of data if applicable.

If you’re an Android user, keep in mind that you must download apps from the live dealer casino’s website since Google Play doesn’t provide gambling apps at the moment.

If you’re using an Apple device like the iPhone or iPad, apps are available for use in Apple’s App Store and all models of iPhones starting with the iPhone 7, iPads, iPad Mini, and iPad Air are compatible.

Differences From Traditional Online Casinos

Live dealer casinos involve a real person as a dealer rather than AI, which allows them to differ from traditional online casinos. Think of the live dealer casino as a hybrid between traditional brick-and-mortar casinos and traditional online casinos.

Live dealer casinos are based on live-action streaming, not software as is the case in traditional online casinos.

Interaction is a big thing here and it’s much easier to interact with other players in this format than in a traditional online casino where live chat can be limited. This further gives you the feeling that you’re in the casino rather than experiencing it in the virtual world.

Live dealer casinos can also replicate the elements of an actual casino better than their online counterparts. The experience in live dealer casinos is far more realistic than what’s seen in traditional online casinos.

The traditional online casino room can’t replicate flashing lights, dealer personalities, decor, and the social atmosphere. And while live dealer casinos can’t fully replace the in-person casino experience, they can allow these elements to appear more realistically than the traditional online room.

The equipment used, however, is the biggest difference, and the fact a random number generator isn’t used encourages fairness since players are playing against real dealers.

A Word On Promotions

Perhaps the biggest perks on all forms of online gambling are promotions.

The most common promotion you’ll run into is the live casino bonus bet, however, as with any bonus, there’s a catch involved. The bonus bet is there for reimbursement if you play it and lose. If you win, you get nothing. Often, the bonus bet is less than $30 but this number varies depending on the casino.

Another promotion is a deposit bonus, which is the most common promotion on the market. The deposit bonus calls for the casino to match your initial deposit, and at times casinos will offer to match up to 150%. For every dollar you bet, the casino matches it at $1.50, for the 150% increase.

Deposit bonuses will vary from place to place, but all casinos will cap the matching amount at a certain number, so you aren’t going to make 150% by depositing your life’s savings or net worth. Instead, the cap can vary either at $100, $500 or even $1,000, depending on the casino you join.

Each casino will have terms and conditions regarding deposit bonuses, which prevents people from trying to make a few dollars by depositing money and subsequently cashing out without gambling.

VIP programs are another promotional perk some live dealer casinos offer. Some offer a cashback program where you’ll receive points for every bet made, which can be exchanged for cashback.

And finally, there are unique live dealer casino offers to consider. Some of these promotions involve winning bonuses if you wager a specific amount and win. Others call for doubling a win either at random or through consistent winning. Some will allow free spins on the slots if a specific amount of money is won on an unrelated game.

The list seems endless at times and these bonuses attract players who want to take advantage of such offers. Most won’t last. Instead, you’ll find limited-time offers to keep things fresh, so there’s something new almost every time you sit down to play.

Fairness Of The Games

You don’t have to worry about whether live dealer games are rigged since the casino will be regulated by the state of Michigan and every hand dealt or spin of the ball is presented right before your eyes.

This allows you to watch events as they unfold and provides the same comfort as if you were in a land-based casino rather than playing online.

Even the ability to card count is unlikely as dealers who use multiple decks of cards can shuffle them regularly and at will.

If you’re unsure about the fairness of a site, make sure you’re playing on a Michigan-approved site.

Which States Offer Live Online Dealers?

New Jersey offers live online dealer casinos and has about 13 live dealer casinos, with the first being Golden Nugget Atlantic City, launched in 2016.

While the offering for live dealer casinos is limited, their popularity will surely expand as more states legalize online casinos. This includes Michigan.

With the popularity in other avenues of the online world, online gambling is on deck to become the next big thing. For online gamblers everywhere, it’s an exciting time. There’s a definite waiting game, but there’s a lot to get excited over.

Now that you have an overview of what live dealer casinos are and how they work, you’ll be ready to take on this online casino variation and you’ll be ahead of the learning curve when they arrive in your state.

Live dealer games go beyond what’s typically seen in the traditional online setting, and they provide an outstanding blend of the brick-and-mortar casinos entwined with the online casino setting.

Live dealer games will be here to stay as more states legalize their usage in the future. For those who dislike the hassle of traveling to the casino yet enjoy the atmosphere, these are a great option.