Mobile Casino Apps in Michigan

Michigan online casino apps let you turn your mobile device into a mobile casino.

Instead of driving to a commercial or tribal casino to play casino games, download a Michigan online casino mobile app on your tablet or smartphone and play casino games anywhere you are inside the state, including in the privacy of your own home.

Your own private mobile casino is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and available wherever you have access to the internet inside Michigan, making it the most convenient casino experience in the state.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about mobile casino gaming in Michigan, including how to turn your mobile device into a mobile casino and all the games you are able to play on the go across the state.

How do I access mobile casinos?

Michigan’s first legal mobile online casino apps launched in 2021. Now you’ll be able to turn any mobile device into a mobile casino quite easily.

In fact, casino app download links are available for Android and Apple devices on most Michigan online casino websites.

It’s just a matter of:

  • Finding the Michigan online casino app you’re interested in on this website, as well as information about how to get the best welcome bonus you can, then following a link to the Michigan online casino website.
  • Downloading the Michigan online casino app to your device using the direct download links on the Michigan online casino website.
  • Opening the app and signing up for an account using the required personal information and the promo code or bonus code you find on this site.

Once you’ve done that, accessing the mobile casino on your mobile device will be as simple as clicking on the app’s icon on the device, logging in using the username and password you signed up with, and following these final two steps:

  1. Deposit money into your account using one of the safe and secure deposit methods available.
  2. Browse through the casino games menu until you find one you want to play and click on it.

The selection of games might be slightly smaller compared to what you’ll find accessing Michigan online casinos with a computer. However, most apps still have something for everyone, and the software is stable.

Online Casino apps Launch in Michigan

Michigan’s online casino apps include:

  • BetMGM: One of the biggest names in Michigan and US gaming with a mobile casino app including a large selection of mobile jackpot slots and mobile live dealer games.
  • Caesars: Another US gaming veteran with a mobile casino app that offers you the chance to earn rewards in US gaming’s most popular loyalty program, Caesars Rewards.
  • DraftKings: One of the biggest brands in US sports betting and daily fantasy sports that also lets you play mobile casino games on its app.

Mobile casino apps for iOS & Android

Whether you use an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Lenovo, or Apple iPad, you can download a Michigan online casino app to the device and turn it into a mobile casino.

Apple iPhone & iPad

Apple iPhone and iPad users can download Michigan online casino mobile apps one of two ways: from the Apple App Store or through a direct download link on the Michigan online casino website.

Then, it’s just a matter of signing up for an account and depositing funds. After that, your iPhone or iPad will be a mobile casino available anytime you open the app.

Android phone & tablet

No matter the brand of the device, all Android phone and tablet users can download Michigan online casino mobile apps through a direct download link on Michigan online casino websites. Don’t bother looking for the apps on Google Play as it doesn’t list mobile gambling apps.

Once downloaded, sign up for an account, make a deposit, and your device will be a mobile casino available 24/7.

What mobile casino games can I play in Michigan?

You can expect most Michigan online casino apps to offer a decent variety of casino games, mirroring what you would find at most brick-and-mortar casinos across the state.

Here’s a look at some of the games you can expect to find on the best casino apps in Michigan:

Mobile slots

Slots are so popular there will be more of them on Michigan mobile casino apps than anything else.

You’ll still find more slots accessing a Michigan online casino with a computer, but the most popular titles should make the app. You’ll even find mobile versions of your favorite slots at land-based casinos in Michigan.

Slots are often optimized for mobile devices with touch-screen sliders and clickable tabs added to games.

Michigan mobile casino apps are bound to feature everything from progressive jackpot slots to themed video slots on a list of games that should grow over time.

Mobile video poker

Video poker tends to be the same whether you play it inside a casino, on an online casino, or with a mobile app.

Most Michigan mobile casino apps will offer a small variety of video poker games including favorites like Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and Double Bonus Poker.

Mobile blackjack

Blackjack is so popular we can guarantee every Michigan mobile casino app will have at least one version of the game. The simple graphics and gameplay mean blackjack is already optimized for mobile devices.

Mobile roulette

Roulette isn’t exactly optimized for mobile devices, but a number of Michigan mobile casino apps will have it anyway.

You’ll have an easier time seeing the wheel and ball on a computer, but those willing to squint a little can still play roulette on a smartphone or tablet with a decent sized screen.

Mobile craps

Mobile craps lack the fun social aspects of craps in a casino, but they’re a great way to learn the game.

Mobile keno

With its simple graphics and gameplay, Keno was practically made for mobile devices. Michigan mobile casino apps should feature this game as it has proven popular on the Michigan Lottery website since its launch in 2014.

Are online casino apps better than desktop? 

In reality, Michigan online casinos offer a larger selection of games through computers than Michigan mobile casino apps. However, there are certain advantages to playing casino games with a mobile device.

The obvious one is mobility. Sure, you can cart a laptop around with you, but smartphones and tablets are a lot easier to carry. Plus, games get designed for mobile devices these days, so things are starting to even out in terms of the selection of games available.

Mobile casino app use is actually growing all the time because it is a more accessible and convenient way of gambling. Operators know this and are working to make the apps better and more robust all the time.

If it isn’t yet, mobile gaming will soon be the better way to play online casino games, thanks to so many operators and developers focusing on it as the future of gaming.

Real money vs. free casino apps

Most Michigan mobile casino apps will let you play demos of casino games for free. These are obviously a great way to learn the games and try the games out before you risk your hard-earned money playing.

You can’t lose any money playing demos, but you won’t win any money either.

You might also be able to find free-to-play mobile casino apps that offer free casino games that look and feel a lot like the real thing.

Unfortunately, they’re not, and you won’t win anything playing these games either. Some promise you can, but you’ll spend hours grinding out small wins that’ll never really add up to much of anything.

If you want to win money playing casino games with a smartphone or tablet, legal and regulated Michigan mobile casino apps are still your best bet.

There’s some risk involved with real money casino apps, but without risk there’s rarely any reward.

Are mobile casino apps safe?

Michigan mobile casino apps take the security of your funds and personal information quite seriously. Plus, the Michigan Gaming Control Board regulates online gaming in the state making sure they do.

The Board tests app security, games, and banking functions regularly to ensure safety, security, and integrity. The result is a safe and secure mobile gaming experience when you gamble using legal and regulated Michigan mobile casino apps.

These apps are also backed by Detroit casinos or tribal casinos that have been operating in Michigan for decades, adding an extra layer of legitimacy to the operations.

Gamble with legal and regulated Michigan mobile casino apps knowing that the state is making sure both you and your money are 100% safe.

Can I claim a casino bonus on my mobile phone?

Look around this website and you’ll find most Michigan online casinos will offer you a bonus just for signing up for an account or making a deposit.

These bonuses are available to you no matter how you access a Michigan online casino. That means you can use a computer, mobile phone, or tablet to access an online casino using a browser or mobile casino app and you’ll still be able to claim these bonuses.

Just look on this website for the review of the Michigan online casino you’re after. Then, from the site, find a link to the online casino website and any bonus code or promo code required to get the best bonus.

Finally, download the app and sign up or sign in directly. Either way, make sure you enter any bonus code or promo code required when prompted and the bonus will be yours.

You’ll also be free to play on a browser using a mobile device or computer, or with the mobile app, on any mobile device you download it to. The bonus will be available to you no matter how you choose to play.

Review of Michigan mobile casinos

Mobile gaming is fast becoming the most popular way to play casino games online.

You might find fewer games on Michigan mobile casino apps than you do when you access a Michigan online casino with a computer, but even that’s changing.

Plus, Michigan mobile casino apps offer you the unprecedented freedom of being able to gamble using a tablet or phone wherever you are inside the state.

Developers are streamlining casino content for mobile devices and making more and more of it available on mobile casino apps because they see mobile gaming as the future of gaming itself.

Michigan online casinos are preparing to launch mobile casino apps of their own over the next few months, proving more and more that the future is now upon us.