Tricks to Win on Slot Machines

It can be frustrating when slot machines go on a roll and payouts just aren’t coming your way. At times, they seem unbeatable and have a tendency to take your money faster than other casino games.

It doesn’t help that out of nearly all the other casino games, slots just feels like they rely on luck. Here in Michigan, there isn’t a brick-and-mortar casino that doesn’t feature slots, so we’ve decided to put together a guide to help you with some ways to boost your chances of winning on slots.

The slot machine strategies we discuss may not allow you to win on the slots every time you play. However, the various tricks and concepts we explore will certainly help to improve your odds of winning. They might even allow you to win big on the slots one day, delivering a potentially lucrative and life-changing windfall.

Find a high RTP slot machine

Return to Player (RTP) dictates the generosity of a slot machine, and the easiest way to describe it is that the higher the RTP is, the better your chance is to win money.

A slot machine with 95% RTP, for example, pays better than one with 93% and you stand to win more money in the long run with the higher percentage game.

Unfortunately, gamblers in Michigan land-based casinos have no way of knowing what payout percentage they’re dealing with. Neither brick-and-mortar operators nor their game suppliers offer this information, thus adversely impacting your chance of winning on slots at the casino.

Michigan online slots, on the other hand, do feature publicly available payout percentages.

You simply need to know how to find the payback information. The two main routes for looking up payout percentages are:

  • Look in the help screen for the pay table information
  • Google the game and RTP

Many internet slots developers list payout percentages for their slots in the help screen and you can find a game’s RTP within seconds in this case.

The second option requires more work. However, you can still find RTP through Google (or another search engine) without too much trouble.

Somebody who wants to find payback for IGT’s Siberian Storm, for example, would just search for “Siberian Storm RTP” and then  select one of the first few results and locate the payout percentage.

Understand volatility

RTP is important because it determines your chances of winning profits. However, payback only measures how much game will pay out in the long run.

Volatility is more relevant to a player’s short-term chances. It measures how consistently a game will pay in relation to its payout percentage.

High volatility refers to games with big jackpots and/or multiple bonus features. The tradeoff, though, is these slots pay inconsistently.

Low volatility refers to games that offer small jackpots and/or few features. The upside is that these slots deliver a steadier stream of payouts.

Games with high volatility are generally more popular than those with low volatility. After all, who doesn’t enjoy triggering features and hunting for life-changing money?

However, volatile slots also put gamblers through more cold streaks. As a result, you can lose your bankroll faster.

Some slots developers offer a volatility rating within the info screen. In the absence of such ratings, you can consider the bonuses and jackpot size. Generally, games with more features and/or a big jackpot feature more volatility.

Understand play rate

Slot machines play faster than any other casino game and you can quickly spin the reels again and again without thinking.

This fast play rate is the primary reason why slots can eat up gamblers’ bankrolls. Therefore, you should consider play rate in relation to other factors, including RTP and volatility.

Somebody who spins the reels as quickly as possible on a volatile game faces the prospect of losing fast. Meanwhile, one who takes frequent breaks and plays a low-volatility slot probably won’t lose much money.

Slots developers make it hard for gamblers to get away from the screen by including entertaining themes and animations.

You could always set an alarm to go off on your phone every 15-30 minutes to help snap you back to reality and encourage you to take a quick break.

Take advantage of Michigan slots bonuses

Michigan online casinos feature some of the best bonuses in internet gaming. That said, players should take advantage of these deals whenever they join a new gaming site.

Michigan online casinos offer welcome deposit bonuses that are based on a match percentage of one’s first deposit.

Here’s an example:

  • A casino offers a 100% match deposit bonus worth up to $600.
  • A gambler deposits $300.
  • They’re now eligible to earn $300 in bonus cash.

Earn is the key word here. Each online casino requires players to satisfy terms and conditions before withdrawing bonus money. Playthrough is a crucial condition. It refers to a multiple of the bonus (for example: 20 times) that gamblers must play through before cashing out.

Luckily, Michigan online casinos are reasonable when it comes to playthrough and other requirements. That said, gamblers stand a fair chance to collect bonuses if they play enough.

Other common Michigan online slots offers include:

  • Reload bonuses: Deposit bonuses available after the original welcome bonus.
  • Free spins: Free real-money slots spins.
  • No-deposit bonus: A small sum of money that goes to players after they complete registration.
  • VIP rewards: Most online casinos offer loyalty programs for real-money players.
  • Seasonable promotions: Many gaming sites run special promotions around Christmas, Easter, Halloween and more.

Combine Michigan slots bonuses with high RTP

Internet slots give casinos the advantage but you can reduce the house edge, or even avoid it, by combining high-paying slots with quality bonuses.

Here’s an example:

  • A gambler qualifies for a $200 bonus
  • Playthrough is 20 times that amount
  • $200 x 20 = $4,000 must be wagered
  • A gambler chooses a slot with 97% RTP (3% house edge)
  • $4,000 x 0.03 = $120 in theoretical losses
  • $200 – $120 = $80 theoretical profit

Basically, players want to combine a high-paying game with a bonus that features low playthrough.

However, you should closely examine the bonus terms and conditions first. Some online casinos exclude certain slots from qualifying for playthrough.

Other gaming sites merely increase the wagering requirements for high-paying games. For example, any slot with 98% payback or higher might require 100 times playthrough instead of 20.

The goal is to find the cutoff point and look for slots with RTP that falls just below this point.

Evaluate slots VIP programs

Most Michigan internet casinos offer loyalty rewards to retain good customers and encourage them to play more.

VIP programs can feature any combination of the following rewards:

  • Birthday gifts
  • Cashback
  • Dedicated VIP host
  • Deposit bonuses
  • Free bets (table games)
  • Free spins

Deposit bonuses and cashback are typically the most-lucrative rewards in loyalty programs. They give players a realistic chance to earn serious money based on their VIP status and gamblers stand to benefit more from loyalty plans as their status increases. Higher-ranking VIPs gain access to better cashback rates, bigger deposit bonuses, more free spins and better perks.

Most Michigan gaming sites start players off at a 0.1% cashback rate which means you receive $1 for every $1,000 you wager.

However, gamblers can benefit even more by finding a better starting cashback rate or superior deposit bonuses. Compare programs between casinos to find the best deal.

Pay close attention to bankroll management

Bankroll management remains one of the most-overlooked aspects to slots strategy. Many online gamblers make their deposit and get right to spinning the reels with no regard for their bankroll.

However, you can extend your slots entertainment by exercising bankroll management. More importantly, you’ll avoid risking money you can’t afford to lose.

The first step to slots bankroll management involves one going through your finances. Sort out your monthly bills from entertainment money so you can prevent yourself from dipping into funds meant for necessities like rent or grocieries.

From here, consider how many sessions you want your bankroll to last and then set stop-loss limits on each session and stick to them.

Here’s an example:

  • A gambler has a $500 bankroll.
  • They want to play at least five online sessions with this amount.
  • They set a stop-loss limit of $100 per session.
  • They’ll quit any time they reach $100 in losses.

You don’t have to play to that limit, of course. It’s just meant to help you make sure your bankroll lasts as long as you plan for it to.

Don’t fall for slots myths

Slots players have developed a number of myths over the years to make them feel better about losses. Most are aimed at casinos using nefarious means to keep more money.

Slot machine myths are exactly that — myths — a there’s no real substance behind them.

Here are some common online slots myths:

  • Casinos change payout percentages whenever they feel like it.
  • Players lose more when they go for bonuses.
  • Slots won’t pay much immediately after delivering a jackpot.
  • Internet slots are rigged to ensure that players lose.

Starting with the first point, certain gamblers believe gaming sites merely flip a switch to increase their profit rate. It’s completely untrue, though. Michigan internet casinos must obtain licensing and undergo quality checks.

A third-party tests each casino’s online slots to ensure that the odds and RTP are as advertised. Gaming sites would risk massive fines and likely lose their license if they altered payback on a whim.

Regarding the second myth, some players think casinos lower RTP for pursuing bonuses. Gaming sites understand they’re giving away money through bonuses. They see these deals as a necessary expense to recruit more players.

Let’s be honest — casinos already hold the advantage and don’t need to use additional tricks to boost their profits.

Play for progressive jackpots after they grow

The Michigan online casino market offers plenty of large progressive jackpots. Some of these prizes are even worth six figures. But what is the best strategy for winning jackpots on slot machines?

Players are tempted to jump at the first big jackpot they see. However, these same gamblers stand to boost their theoretical winnings by waiting until progressive jackpots grow larger.

Progressive slots offer base RTP, but their payout percentages grow along with the jackpot. A slot with 95% RTP and a $50,000 starting jackpot, for example, will offer higher payback when the prize reaches $100,000.

Of course, you have to actually win the top prize to realize this extra value. Otherwise, any benefit gained from pursuing larger jackpots is only theoretical.

Nevertheless, gamblers should show patience in the early going. Any value they gain by waiting longer could be worth it in the end.

On another note, players should look for progressive games that offer high base RTP. Some slots only start off with a base payout percentage of 94% or lower which makes it harder to win regular prizes outside of the jackpot.

Choose jackpot slots with the best-available base RTP.