Online Blackjack for Real Money in Michigan

Blackjack is the most popular table game in Michigan land-based casinos. It features full tables across the state every night.

Soon, Michigan residents and visitors will be able to enjoy this popular game at online casinos. MI gaming sites are set to launch in the near future.

This page discusses what you can expect when Michigan online blackjack becomes available. It also covers how you can take advantage of blackjack bonuses, find different games, and more. For a detailed look at the rules, see our how to play blackjack guide.

Online blackjack vs. live blackjack

Online and live blackjack provide the same game. However, these settings offer different experiences.

Internet blackjack is available through smartphones, tablets, and computers. It features high-quality graphics that are meant to emulate a real casino setting.

The online version is best for when you don’t feel like visiting a land-based casino. With $1 minimum bets, it also provides cheaper stakes than the live game.

Live blackjack takes place in a brick-and-mortar casino. It lets you play the game in real-time with other people.

Land-based blackjack is optimal when you want a more social setting. This version provides unique comps (e.g., free drinks), dealers, real cards, and real tables.

Below is a comprehensive view of the differences between internet and live blackjack:

  • Online blackjack
    • Available on a mobile device or computer.
    • More convenient than the live version.
    • $1 minimum bets.
    • Software-generated dealer and setting.
    • Multiple blackjack variations in one place.
    • RTP usually ranges between 0.5% and 1.0%.
  • Live blackjack
    • Available in brick-and-mortar casinos.
    • $5 to $10 minimum bets.
    • Human dealer and better social aspect.
    • Real casino atmosphere with cards and tables.
    • Unique comps.
    • RTP usually ranges between 1.0% and 2.0%.

Play free blackjack online in Michigan

When online blackjack arrives in Michigan, you won’t need to spend a dime to play. Instead, casinos will allow you to play for free at any point.

Some Michigan online casinos are set to let you play without even registering for an account. In this case, you’ll select the desired game and start playing hands right away.

Others will surely require you to download an app and/or sign up for an account. Once you’ve successfully registered, you’ll be able to enjoy free blackjack.

Of course, you won’t win any real money through demo mode. However, you can try out the games and the casino before depositing.

Play blackjack free with a no deposit bonus

Again, you won’t be able to win money through free blackjack under normal circumstances. No deposit bonuses, however, provide an exception to the norm.

A no deposit offer delivers a small bonus (e.g., $20) once you complete registration. You can use these funds in real money blackjack games.

Some MI online casinos will definitely offer a no-deposit bonus. In this scenario, you’ll be playing free blackjack with a chance to win money.

Sweepstakes casinos provide another free way to play

Michigan gambling sites are still making their way online. However, legal sweepstakes casinos are available right now.

Sweepstakes casinos differ slightly from the real money casinos that’ll soon launch in the Wolverine State. They see you gamble play-money coins that you can convert into valuable currency.

Chumba Casino, for example, gives you free ‘Sweeps Coins’ upon signing up. You use this bonus to try and win more Sweeps Coins.

You can convert ‘Sweeps Coins’ into ‘Sweeps Cash’, which holds monetary value and can lead to real money.

Play real money online blackjack in Michigan

Free blackjack can provide thrills and entertainment. Eventually, though, you may yearn for real money play.

Michigan online blackjack will let you legally place bets. In turn, you can win money and take advantage of generous bonuses (covered later).

Each MI internet blackjack game will assuredly provide a variety of chip denominations. You’ll choose the denomination you want and place the chips in the betting circle.

Here’s an example:

  • You want to bet $3 on a hand.
  • You choose the $1 chip.
  • You select the betting circle three times to place a $3 wager.

Make a deposit

You’ll need to place a deposit before you’re eligible to place bets. Each Michigan online casino will provide various banking options.

Likely deposit methods include:

  • ACH: Send an e-check to deposit.
  • Cash: Visit a Michigan land-based casino and deposit in person.
  • Credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and/or Discover should be available at many casinos.
  • E-wallets: Neteller, PayPal, and/or Skrill will likely serve as e-wallet options.
  • Play+: MI casinos should be able to issue branded prepaid cards under the Play+ brand.
  • PayNearMe: You visit a 7-Eleven, CVS, or Family Dollar and deposit in person.

Cash out winnings

Michigan gaming sites should let you withdraw money via most of the methods above. Credit cards and PayNearMe are the lone exceptions that don’t double as cashout options.

MI casinos will likely require you to use the same deposit and withdrawal method. If you fund an account with ACH, for example, you’ll need to cash out in the same manner.

Also, you must meet a casino’s minimum withdrawal before receiving money. If the gaming site requires a $10 cashout, for instance, then you need at least $10 in your account before getting paid.

Michigan blackjack apps

We predict that all MI internet casinos will offer an Android and/or iOS app. The vast majority of people play blackjack through an iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

The method for obtaining a Michigan blackjack app will vary based on whether you’re using an iOS or Android phone/tablet.

You’d obtain an Android blackjack app as follows:

  • Visit an online casino’s homepage.
  • Search for the Android button/icon.
  • Select the icon and follow the download instructions.

You’d obtain an iOS blackjack app as follows:

  • Open the App Store.
  • Search for the relevant MI casino app.
  • Download the app.

The key difference between these download processes involves Google Play’s and Apple’s policies.

Google Play doesn’t offer real money gambling apps in its US-based store. Therefore, you’ll only be able to download a blackjack app off of a Michigan gaming site’s homepage.

Register from anywhere

You won’t need to be in the Wolverine State when registering. You can download a casino app and sign up for an account from virtually anywhere.

Steps for registering at an internet casino include:

  1. Select the ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Join Now’ prompt on the homepage.
  2. Fill in the required blanks.
  3. Agree to the casino’s terms and conditions.
  4. Wait for approval, which should come instantly.

Geolocation requirements

While MI casinos will let you download apps from anywhere, they won’t permit bets outside of state lines. Each Michigan internet casino will use geolocation software to determine your location.

Geolocation can pinpoint where your device is to a high degree of accuracy. If you’re not right on the border, you should experience no trouble playing real money blackjack in Michigan.

What blackjack games will be available in Michigan?

The Wolverine State should provide a solid variety of online blackjack games. Each licensed MI online casino will likely spread four to six variations.

Of course, no game will be more popular than classic blackjack. Many gamblers are familiar with basic 21 and its accompanying rules.

The classic online version provides player-friendly rules and a low house advantage. These rules include:

  • Three to two natural blackjack payouts
  • Six decks
  • Dealer stands on a soft 17
  • Double down after splitting
  • Double down on any two cards
  • Re-split up to four times
  • No late surrender
  • RTP = 99.60%

Referencing other states, Michigan is sure to offer plenty of blackjack variations. Potential variants in the Wolverine State’s online market include:

  • Blackjack first person: Provides a first-person perspective of the table and virtual casino.
  • Blackjack Xchange: Pay to switch a bad card, or take money to swap out a good card.
  • Multi-hand blackjack: Play multiple hands in each round.
  • Premium blackjack pro: Offers Perfect Paris and 21+3 side bets.

Will Michigan offer live dealer blackjack online?

Live-dealer blackjack lets you enjoy brick-and-mortar gaming through a smartphone or tablet. It’s the closest version of land-based blackjack that you’ll find online.

Michigan gaming sites should eventually offer live-dealer blackjack. However, they probably won’t roll out live games right away.

Providers need time to set up a studio and get everything else in order. Therefore, live-dealer casinos come after an internet gaming market has been established for a while.

Once MI internet casinos provide live blackjack, they’ll likely offer multiple variations. Here are common live-dealer blackjack games that are available in other markets:

  • Infinite blackjack: Features an unlimited number of seats. You can ‘bet behind’ other gamblers.
  • Live blackjack: A regular blackjack game that caps the number of seats at seven.
  • Unlimited blackjack: Another variation that offers bet behind and an unlimited number of seats.

Infinite/unlimited tables still feature seven seats. However, you can bet behind seated players, and you win/lose if they win/lose.

Any live blackjack game may also offer side bets. Available side wagers include 21+3, Any Pair, Bust It, and Hot 3.

The basics of these side bets are:

  • 21+3
    • You receive a payout if your first two cards and the dealer’s upcard form a three-of-a-kind.
    • 100:1 payout for a suited three-of-a-kind.
    • 40:1 payout for a straight flush.
    • 30:1 payout for a three-of-a-kind.
    • 10:1 payout for a straight.
    • 5:1 payout for a flush.
  • Any pair
    • You receive a bonus payout for any pair within your first two cards.
    • 25:1 payout for a suited pair.
    • 8:1 payout for any pair.
  • Bust it
    • You receive a payout based on how many cards the dealer holds when they bust.
    • 250:1 payout for the dealer busting with eight-plus cards.
    • 100:1 payout for the dealer busting with seven cards.
    • 50:1 payout for the dealer busting with six cards.
    • 9:1 payout for the dealer busting with five cards.
    • 2:1 payout for the dealer busting with four cards.
    • 1:1 payout for the dealer busting with three cards.
  • Hot 3
    • You receive a payout based on your first two cards and the dealer’s upcard.
    • 100:1 payout for three sevens of any suit.
    • 20:1 payout for a suited 21.
    • 4:1 payout for an unsuited 21.
    • 2:1 payout for a suited 20.
    • 1:1 payout for a suited 19.

How will Michigan mobile blackjack work?

Online casinos make playing internet blackjack as easy as possible. MI gaming sites should be no different in this regard.

If you’re new to iGaming, though, you may require guidance in getting started. The following steps cover how you’ll likely play mobile blackjack in Michigan:

  • Select a chip denomination.
  • Place the chip(s) in the betting circle.
  • Choose the ‘Deal’ option.
  • Select your hand actions (i.e., hit, stand, split, double down).
  • A new round begins after your hand wins or loses.

You can always select the help screen, which typically features rules, payouts, return to player (RTP), and other relevant information.

Earn loyalty rewards at blackjack online casinos

Most, if not all, Michigan online casinos should offer loyalty benefits to blackjack players. They’ll likely provide some or all of the following rewards:

  • Cashback: You earn loyalty points and trade them for cash.
  • Deposit bonuses: You qualify for a bonus after depositing.
  • Free spins: A casino gives you free spins for play on blackjack and other games.
  • Higher banking limits: A gaming site may increase your deposit and withdrawal limits.
  • Land-based casino comps: Some online casinos offer rewards that you can redeem through their land-based partner.
  • VIP host: The casino may assign you special VIP support.

Michigan online blackjack bonuses

MI internet casinos will undoubtedly offer bonuses to blackjack players. Some of these deals will overlap with the rewards available through VIP programs.


A cashback bonus works differently from the cashback offered through VIP programs. It awards a percentage of your losses back up to a given amount.

You can take advantage of cashback bonuses through blackjack and other games. Here’s an example of how this offer works:

  • A casino offers 20% cashback up to $200.
  • This deal lasts for your first seven days after depositing.
  • You lose $150 within the first seven days of depositing.
  • Playthrough is 10x.
  • You must wager 150 x 10 = $1,500.
  • You receive the $150 back after wagering another $1,500.

Match-deposit bonus

With a match-deposit bonus, casinos match your deposit up to a specific amount. You get to keep the entire bonus upon meeting terms and conditions.

Here’s an example:

  • A gaming site offers a 100% match bonus worth up to $500.
  • You deposit $250 and, thus, qualify for a $250 bonus.
  • Playthrough is 5x.
  • You must wager 250 x 5 = $750.
  • You keep the $250 after meeting the terms and conditions.

No deposit bonus

Some casinos offer you a no deposit bonus for completing registration. You keep what’s left over from the bonus, along with potential winnings, after satisfying the terms and conditions.

Here’s an example:

  • An online casino gives you a $10 no deposit bonus for signing up.
  • Playthrough is 10x.
  • You must wager 10 x 10 = $100.
  • You have $8 left after betting $100.
  • You can cash out the $8 as long as it meets the minimum withdrawal.

Michigan online blackjack laws

Michigan has featured brick-and-mortar casinos since the 1990s. Native American casinos earned the right to open in the Wolverine State through the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988.

In the mid-1990s, the state legalized commercial casinos in Detroit. Now, three major casinos offer blackjack tables in Detroit — Greektown, MGM Grand, and MotorCity.

Lawmakers didn’t start discussing online gaming until 2015. They experienced trouble getting the tribes, commercial casinos, and Michigan Lottery to agree on a deal.

The tribes didn’t want the commercial casinos involved. The Michigan Lottery didn’t want more online gambling, considering its lucrative internet lottery.

MI lawmakers became more serious about passing a bill once the Supreme Court ended a federal ban on sports betting.

State Rep. Brand Iden introduced the Lawful Sports Betting Act (HB 4916) and Lawful Internet Gaming Act (HB 4311) in 2018. The latter bill sought to approve online blackjack and other internet casino games.

Both pieces of legislation passed the State House and Senate. However, they met a surprise veto from Gov. Rick Snyder.

In 2019, Iden put the bills back on the table and once again received both Houses’ approval. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer expressed concerns about internet gambling interfering with lottery revenues.

Iden proposed a high tax on internet casinos ranging from 20% to 28%. This pleased Whitmer, who approved HB 4916 and HB 4311 on Dec. 20, 2019.

Now, both online and land-based blackjack is legal in Michigan. Further contents of the Lawful Internet Gaming Act include:

  • Online casino games, poker, sports betting, and daily fantasy sports are legal.
  • Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) oversees the industry.
  • Operators pay a $50,000 application fee and a $100,000 licensing fee.
  • The renewal fee is $50,000 each year.
  • Online casinos cover between a 20% and 28% state tax (based on total revenue).

Michigan casinos with blackjack

The Wolverine State houses three commercial and 23 tribal casinos where you can enjoy many options for playing blackjack in Michigan:

  • Bay Mills Resort & Casino (Brimley)
  • Kewadin Casino Christmas
  • Kewadin Casino Hessel
  • Kewadin Casino Hotel (Sault Ste Marie)
  • Kewadin Casino Manistique
  • Kewadin Shores Casino & Hotel (St. Ignace)
  • Kings Club Casino (Brimley)
  • Leelanau Sands Casino (Peshawbestown)
  • Little River Casino Resort & Hotel (Manistee)
  • Motor City Casino Hotel (Detroit)
  • MGM Grand Detroit
  • Northern Waters Casino Resort (Watersmeet)
  • Ojibwa Casino Baraga
  • Odawa Casino Mackinaw City
  • Ojibwa Casino Marquette
  • Odawa Casino Petoskey
  • Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel (Williamsburg)